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I am Victor Ho, a real estate agent from one of the most established real estate agency in Singapore, ERA. I firmly believe that real estate experience can be made wonderful with a committed and sincere real estate professional who can bring value and quality service.

My History

Since my college days and part-time job as an IT salesman, I developed a passion for learning new informationmeeting different individuals and learning about investment products like real estate.

After going through the 1997 Asian financial crisis, 09/11 terrorist attack and the 2007 Global credit crisis whereby accquaintances around me became unemployed, i experienced a paradigm shift and questioned the conventional wisdom about the stability a regular job can provide.

With that in mind, i joined the real estate industry that resonates so closely with my interests while pursuing my degree and did not look back!

My Competitive Advantages...

Through my intensive 3 years Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) business degree which equipped me with marketing and finance skills, that allowed me to bring a unique skillset to the real estate industry. With my finance and marketing background, I can 1) analyse and inteprete economic indicators which enable me to anticipate property price fluctuations better and 2) market a property more effectively through understanding buyer's behavior and utilising speciallised marketing techniques.

With the intention to be in the property market for the long haul and having an appreciation to reinvent my services continuously, I am 3) highly committed to provide quality and highly valued real estate solutions  and 4) will continue to leverage on the most effective technologies to provide a hassle-free and pleasant experience for my clients.

Last thoughts

The real estate industry is highly fascinating and dynamic, ranging from seeing your marketing strategy coming to fruition in real time to meeting individuals from different walks of life.  The previous aspects and challenges each day presents are highly motivating, however, Nothing is more rewarding compared to putting a smile on my clients' face.
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Victor Ho
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